Commercial Systems

At Swift response Ltd we take pride in supplying and fitting quality products for the commercial industry.

We supply and fit the following commercial systems.

Commercial Combination Boilers

Combination boilers provide instant hot water from the mains water supply so it does not require a tank to heat the building or water. Combination boilers are suitable for businesses with a lower demand for hot water.

Commercial System Boilers

System boilers use a hot water storage cylinder or cold water tank to provide hot water. This type of system suits businesses that use a lot of water such as Hotels, Gyms and Industrial Premises. System boilers need the water in the tank to be heated before it can be used. System boilers are larger than regular boiler, so they require more space.

Commercial LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas) Boilers

LPG is used in many properties that are not connected to the grid as an alternative to traditional mains gas. An LPG boiler will produce less carbon than an oil boiler.

Commercial Oil Boilers

Oil heating systems work in a very similar way to gas powered systems; however, they simply use an oil fired boiler to provide heat and hot water. Oil boilers are one of the most cost effective methods of fuelling a central heating system, although the price of fuel can fluctuate. Oil boilers are very energy efficient as they only heat water on demand rather than having a stored backlog. Not only does that reduce energy output but it also saves on the amount of fuel required.